Day Two- Treaty of Nanjing, August 29, 1842
A. GA Standard:
1. SSWH14 The student will analyze the Age of Revolutions and Rebellions. d. Examine the interaction of China and Japan with westerners; include the Opium War, the Taiping Rebellion, and Commodore Perry.
B. GA Performance Standards:
1. Compare similarities and differences
2. Identify issues and/or problems and alternative solutions
3. Indentify main idea, detail, sequence of events, and cause and effect in a social studies context.
4. Identify and use primary sources.
5. Indentify Social studies reference resources to use for a specific purpose.
6. Construct charts and tables
7. Analyze artifacts
8. Draw conclusions and make generalizations
9. Formulate appropriate research questions
10. Determine adequacy and/or relevancy of information
C. Essential Question:
1. How does Imperialism benefit some and not others?
D. Teacher Materials:
1. PowerPoint Lecture (20 minutes)
2. Treaty of Nanjing (Primary Source)
3. Treaty of Nanjing activity worksheet
E. Student Materials:
1. Paper
2. Pencil
F. Lesson:
1. Opening questions (5 minutes)
a. Based on the material covered thus far, how do you think this issue should be resolved? And why?
2. Discussion over questions (10 minutes) and time to answer questions from the previous class, and homework.
3. PowerPoint Lecture (20 minutes)
a. Wrap up of the Opium Wars
b. Introduction to the Treaty of Nanjing, and how this compromise came about.
4. Treaty of Nanjing Activity (50 minutes)
a. Students will read the Treaty of Nanjing- 4 pages (10-15 minutes)
b. The students will then fill out their graphic organizer, and answer the subsequent questions. (20-30 minutes)
c. Class discussion on the ramifications of the Treaty, and what the various policies within the treaty means for the future of Chinese and British relations.
G. Homework- Journal Entries (5 minutes to assign)
Please use excerpts from the Treaty of Nanjing to justify your answers.
1. Do you think this treaty was fair, why or why not? Use primary sources to evolve your answer.
2. Do you think this treaty resolved anything and what do you think will happen next in this saga? Why?