Day Three – Second Opium War
A. GA Standard: SSWH14 The student will analyze the Age of Revolutions and Rebellions.
d. Examine the interaction of China and Japan with westerners; include the Opium War, the Taiping Rebellion, and Commodore Perry.
B. GA Performance Standards:

1. Organize items chronologically
2. Identify issues and/or problems and alternative solutions
3. Indentify main idea, detail, sequence of events, and cause and effect in a social studies context.
4. Interpret Timelines
5. Draw conclusions and make generalizations
6. Formulate appropriate research questions
C. Essential Questions:
a. What do you think should be the justifications for war?
D. Teacher Materials:
1. PowerPoint
E. Student Materials:
1. Paper
2. Pencil
F. Lesson
1. Opening Question (5 minutes)
a. What do you think would be the reasons for another Opium War? Why?
b. Were the issues to legalizing opium addressed in the last treaty? If so, what did the treaty say? If not, why was it left out?
2. Discussion (10 minutes) -Discuss the answers with the students.
3. Powerpoint Lecture over the Second Opium War (40 minutes)
4. Oral Discussion. (20 minutes)
a. Compare and Contrast the events of both wars, and what lead to the outbreak , etc.
G. Homework- Journal Questions (5- 10 minutes)
a. What do you think will be the outcome of this war? Why? Base your answer on presented materials, and cite with in your work.
b. Although, we have been looking at the Chinese side of this issue, and how it is affecting their country, how would Britain or any other country justify their motives for these wars. In other words, why would anyone agree to these wars, if it is so degrading towards the Chinese people?