Day One- Introduction of Interaction of China with the ‘West’ – First Opium War
A. GA Standard: SSWH14 The student will analyze the Age of Revolutions and Rebellions.
d. Examine the interaction of China and Japan with westerners; include the Opium War, the Taiping Rebellion, and Commodore Perry.
B. GA Performance Standards:

1. Compare similarities and differences
2. Identify issues and/or problems and alternative solutions
3. Indentify main idea, detail, sequence of events, and cause and effect in a social studies context.
4. Identify and use primary sources.
5. Indentify Social studies reference resources to use for a specific purpose.
6. Construct charts and tables
7. Analyze artifacts
8. Draw conclusions and make generalizations
9. Formulate appropriate research questions
10. Interpret Political Cartoons.
C. Essential Question:
1. Should foreign countries be allowed to exercise control over other countries? What should be the limits placed on those trading?
D. Teacher Materials:
1. Journal Questions to be assigned as homework
2. PowerPoint Lecture
3. 2 Worksheets to be completed in class.
E. Student Materials:
1. Pencil
2. Paper
F. Lesson:
1. Opening Question (5 minutes) –What are you initial reactions to the name ‘Opium War’? What do you think this war will entail?
2. Discussion on opening question (5 minutes)
3. PowerPoint Lecture (30 minutes) (interwoven discussion about sources as presented)
a. Silk Road – opening up of China
b. British need for tea, China’s demand for silver
c. British need to pay off trade deficit- importing Opium
d. Appointment of Lin Zexu
d. The Kowloon Incident (July 1839)
e. The Opium War – outline.
4. Letter from Commissioner Lin to Queen Victoria Activity (Primary Source) (30 minutes)
a. Assign students to read Letter
b. Fill out worksheet detailing the subject of the letter
c. Discussion
5. The People of Canton Against the English vs. Political Cartoons Activity (Primary Sources)(20 minutes)
a. provide the worksheet with both the excerpt from the ‘People of Canton’ juxtaposed to the political cartoons.
b. Ask students to read the People of Canton excerpt, and to study the political cartoons. (5 minutes)
c. Using prompt questions- have a discussion on the ramifications of the Opium War for how the rest of the world is seeing the British involvement. (15 minutes)
i. Describe the different cartoons. Who is involved in the cartoons? Who made the cartoons, and what is being shown in the cartoon?
ii. What does the excerpt say? Who wrote the excerpt? How do you think this affected what was written? What is your reaction to other people’s view of the Opium War?
G. Homework- Journal Entries (5 minutes to assign)
1. Do you think that China was justified in their reasoning for limiting western trade?
2. What is your reaction to the Opium War? Use primary sources, class discussion, and your own thoughts to formulate your answers.
3. If you had to justify the war from the British perspective, how would you justify it, using class discussion, primary sources, etc.?

To save time: If one does not think they can complete all work, assign the rest for homework, and pass out journal topics during the opening question time, and discussion time.